VLM Super Pack


The Vitale Life Mastery Super Pack includes:

  • The Awakening Course – $97
  • Accelerated Attraction – $34
  • Awakened Millionaire Secrets – $97
  • Attract Money Now LIVE! – $97
  • Attract Money Now Directors Cut – $49
  • Clearing to Attract Money – $21
  • The 3 Day Rule – $34
  • Hypnotic Speaking – $39
  • Zero Limits Maui – $149
  • Zero Limits 3 – $149


Total List Price of all these courses: $766

Vitale Life Mastery Super Pack Price: $297



The Vitale Life Mastery Super Pack is the Ultimate Digital Course Series to take you from where you are to where you dream of being.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought there’s so much I want that I don’t have yet? Maybe it’s your perfect home, your ideal romantic relationship, or a multi-million dollar business where you’re making the world a better place with your unique vision.

“This is my most complete, most current and most powerful work – never offered such a package at such a price!” – Dr. Joe.

I know what that’s like because thirty years ago, I was broke, homeless, divorced. But I wasn’t hopeless, and neither should you be – no matter where you are in life.

I was determined to learn everything I needed to know about how to transform my life, and I’ve been picking up keys to unlock the doors ever since. I’ve written bestselling books – too many to name here; been in blockbuster movies; built my dream home and bought many luxury cars. But, my greatest passion has become to inspire and teach others to manifest their dreams, and crush every obstacle that stands in their way.

I want you to have the fastest and easiest path to doing just that. Do you think you could learn something from me? If you know my values and what I stand for, here’s what else I know – you are going to need help from someone who’s forged a path to get to the next level. I want that person to be me. So I made this Super Pack to include the most important pieces of help that I’ve created.

If you want my greatest hits on how to remove every obstacle to achieving everything you want in life, so you can do it too,

Just imagine for a moment how it will feel to know without a doubt that you have the unlimited creative power, as unlimited as the universe. What if you knew you could manifest anything you desire, at any time. What would that look like, feel like?

If it feels good to you, then please take me up on this special offer.

Enjoy all the best of my online education and let it take you to the heights of achieving everything you know you’re meant to have, do, or be.

The Super Pack includes:

  • The 3 Day Rule – $34 / Learn the reasons for why your intentions don’t always manifest and the scientific approach to attracting what you want – fast! What is the The 3 Day Rule? What you’re thinking and what you’re feeling right now will tend to manifest in three days. Now, we both know that doesn’t always happen and in fact, that usually doesn’t happen. Why? You keep changing your mind, you keep changing your feeling, you keep doubting yourself and you don’t maintain discipline or focus on what you truly want. Check out how to optimize your next three days.
  • The Awakening Course – $97 / This course is the one I consider my most powerful. It not only gives you a impactful step-by-step approach for finding and achieving all your goals and desires in all areas of your life but you will actually go far beyond it into complete mind, body and even spiritual transformation. With the Awakening Course, you will completely transform every area of your life. Learn to elevate your consciousness to the state of empowerment and beyond! The Awakening Course will take you on a magical journey through the four stages of awakening.
  • Accelerated Attraction – $34 / Discover the steps to speed up getting what you want and go beyond average manifestation to instant results. This hour long, seven module course is a rapid fire, straight-to-the-point course on kicking your Law of Attraction powers into the next gear. Learn how to really use the Law of Attraction to floor it and manifest your desires faster than ever before!
  • Awakened Millionaire Secrets – $97 / Get ready to leave all financial limits behind and think like an Awakened Millionaire! I’m on an inspired mission to help you start (or transform) a business that creates as many streams of income as you desire. Find out why RIGHT NOW is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help others and become fabulously wealthy. Learn my simple, step by step model for tapping into the unlimited power of the Internet.
  • Attract Money Now LIVE! – $97 / This video course of my live seminar with 12 world-class speakers on every aspect of attracting money is expertly curated to help you leave money worries behind, release old blocks to success, and awaken to your natural abundance. It’s a lively event, with processes that are easy and comfortable, yet life changing. Imagine the result of walking out of the event as a NEW person – a wealth magnet!
  • Attract Money Now Directors Cut – $49 / I guide you through in-depth analysis, explanations, and the tips, tricks, and hacks I’ve used in over 35 years of helping people attract more money into their lives. The Attract Money Now easy 7 Step formula will come alive as Dr. Joe acts as your personal guide on your journey of attracting more money now!
  • Clearing to Attract Money – $21 / Announcing a NEW formula for attracting money – FAST! “Invest just 3-hours of your time, and I’ll arm you with the secret tools, technologies and success methodologies to do just that. ”Invest just 3 hours and I’ll arm you with the secret tools. Some of the topics covered – How to take responsibility for your current situation, how to stop making limiting statements, and how to create your new reality. All in the first hour!
  • Hypnotic Speaking – $39 / Learn how to unleash the power of Hypnotic Speaking to command a crowd’s attention, holding them spellbound – compelling them to buy what you’re selling! Discover the never-before-revealed secrets of professional speaking, delivering instant fame and outrageous fortune.
  • Zero Limits Maui – $149 / Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len teach you how to get to the incredible and euphoric state of “Zero” where you clear yourself of past limitations and open yourself up to a world filled with unlimited possibilities. Zero Limits is all about life change and designing a life that transcends your limiting beliefs.
  • Zero Limits 3 – $149 / Learn the secret system to erase all the years of negative mind programming you’ve been exposed to and live your life with no fears, boundaries, or limiting beliefs. Just think of the impact that would have on your finances, health, relationships, career! Once you clear yourself of destructive patterns and limiting beliefs, you can easily and effortlessly attract miracles in every area of your life. And it can be done quickly when you follow a little-known secret Hawaiian system for wealth, health, and peace.

When you add it up that’s over $750 in valuable, actionable courses…all for the Vitale Life Mastery Super Pack price of only $297!

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