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VLM Customer Support

Please click on the green button or the support site link below and a member of Dr. Vitale’s Life Mastery Support Team will be in contact with you shortly.

Please review the FAQ below to see if your issue might be resolved by reviewing some of the most asked questions by our customers.

Our business hours are from 8am to 5pm (US CST) Monday thru Friday. Although, sometimes we do work on the weekends. Tickets and calls submitted on weekends and holidays may be handled on the next business day. Thank you!

…or click here to open a support ticket.

You can also call: (888) 743-2824 ext 5.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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Where do I access my courses? Where do I log in?

Click here to login.

You can use you email address and password that you used when you made your purchase or created your account.

I've lost my password.

Click here to go to the login page.

There is a reset password link right under the “Login” button.

I click on the Next Lesson button but I can't get to the next lesson...

On each lesson there is a “Mark as Complete” button. Click that button once you’ve finished with the video and lesson content. You should then be be to proceed to the next lesson.

Some lessons have a quiz with them. You must pass each lesson’s quiz to be able to proceed to the next lesson.

There is no download link for the videos.

The videos on the VLM site are not available for download. You must be logged into the site to watch them.

I have an issue with the charges on my credit card.

Please fill out the Support Form above. Please include your order number. Thank you.

I want to change my shipping address on a physical product.

Please fill out the Support Form above. Please include your order number. Also include the new shipping address.

If we can contact the shipper within 24 to 48 hours we can get the address changed.

There are no videos on the Smart Attractor IQ Quiz.

Correct. The Smart Attractor IQ quiz is only a quiz. Each lesson is a different quiz. There are 5 quizzes in all. Once you finish a quiz, click on the “Mark as Complete” button to move on to the next quiz.